How to measure your yard | Sample Mortgage Survey

The easiest and most accurate way to have your property line measured is to have a professional survey company come out to your home and survey the property for you. If you choose to measure your yard yourself, this page should give you some insight on how to accomplish that task.

Directly to the right you will see two examples of professionally done mortgage surveys. These examples are there for you to reference should you choose to measure your yard on your own. (NOTE: some personal information has been taken out of the example surveys to protect the privacy of the home owners.)

If you are going to create a mortgage survey yourself, the property pins must still be in place on your property lines or you MUST know exactly where your property line is. Once you have one of these two things figured out, you are ready to begin.

(1) You will want to begin by correctly drawing the border of your property while leaving room to input the streets that run along your home.

(2) Measure the distance of each side of your property and add that to the drawing. (see example)

(3) Add the names of the street(s) to the correct sides of the house.

(4) You will now want to make a drawing of your home. start by drawing the shape of the house and then add your measurements when you are finished.

(5) If you know your lot number, be sure to add this information as well.

(6) Add any sidewalks, swimming pools, garages etc. in the proper place and then add the measurements.

(7) Be sure to label the concrete sidewalks and driveways with a “conc” as shown in the “corner lot” example.

(8) Make sure you indicate which way is north on your drawing.

(9) Be sure to include the full address and the name(s) of the home owner(s).

(10) Having a state seal on your survey is a good idea and should be done, however, some places will accept your mortgage survey without one. (It is best to still get it)

(11) Make sure you correctly label everything (garage, patio, walkway etc.) and add the correct measurements for all your property lines and walls of your home.

If we forgot to add something in this guide, you can always refer to the examples above and copy how those mortgage surveys are done. The examples used in this guide were professionally designed and recognized/sealed by the state. This means that you can use them as an example without having to worry about if you forgot to add anything.