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cement pillars in Michigan
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Anchor Fence | Michigan fence and supply company
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Michigan fence company
Fence company in Michigan
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fence companies in michigan
Serving Metro Detroit, Michigan Since 1892
Brick & Stone Pillars from Anchor Fence

Many years of research and development have led to the authentic brick or stone column that you can install yourself. As technology moves forward, so do the pillars. Our patented system enables home owners, installers and contractors to install up to 20 pillars per day. Imagine the ADVANTAGES.

We take great pride in every pillar we produce. All of our cement pillars are constructed in a factory controlled environment using only QUALITY masonry brick and stone. Our engineered mortar exceeds the industry standard and is second to none. Anchor Pillar Systems are designed to withstand all climates and are WARRANTED FOR A LIFETIME.

In keeping with our philosophy, we believe that good design and quality are only meaningful when they come at a LOW PRICE. You will not find a better price or SELECTION anywhere. Anchor Pillar Systems offers many choices, in design, color, texture, and function. Our extensive collection of pillars and columns can be customized to order.

The elegant simplicity of our pillars will add BEAUTY to any property. Enhancing curb appeal, adding property VALUE and a look above and beyond, is what we take great pride in. A simple standing pillar with your house number, a beautiful Ornamental Aluminum Estate Gate in between, or a bold Anchor Reinforced Custom vinyl Privacy Gate to add a finishing touch, the applications are ENDLESS.

If you would like to know more information about Anchor Pillar Systems, please contact us.
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