Steel and Aluminum Fencing

Why Aluminum or Steel is better than iron and wrought iron:

The love for ornamental fencing began hundreds of years ago. Metal fence was beautiful, majestic, and made from a material that was destined to rust and crumble— iron and wrought iron. As good as the coatings technologies evolved through the ages, nothing could protect these fragile metal fences from deteriorating.

With New innovations in the Aluminum and Steel Industries and their concept for architecturally appealing fence that would withstand the tortures of weather, pollution, chemicals and savage environments. The desire to replicate the intricate details of historic ornamental iron and wrought iron fences, only using materials that would end up being stronger than iron and wrought iron, as well as stand up to the torturous variations of the environment with long lasting durability.

At Anchor Fence we expect our suppliers too push everything to the edge, and we choose our materials and components in support of that quest.

Anchor Fence only uses fence materials that are Environmentally Responsible and Made in the U.S.A. Anchor Fence is proud to use recycled aluminum and Steel for our fence products. Aluminum and Steel are the most commonly recycled metals in the world and we take great advantage of that fact.

We are also proud to use only American made components for all our fence products.
Always look for the “Made In The USA” label when deciding which fence supplies to use.